Welcome to the 5th Dimension!

Dear friends,

We are at the dawn of a new earth of Peace, Love and Oneness where tremendous changes will be happening bringing forth hope, peace and love to humanity.

“Peace, Love and Oneness” is a state of consciousness holding the very core essence of the 5th dimension.  It is not an easy path but 2013 and the following years bring us an opportunity to re-reconnect with the Source and to our true essence. Since the 21 st of December, date of the historical shift, Earth has ascended into the 5th Dimension. We have been gifted with a 13th ray of light, the Rainbow Platinum Ray, whose Chohan is Lord Kuthumi/ Balthazar. This was symbolically the end of the earth as we knew it!

”Peace Love and Oneness is about re-introducing and re-igniting the energies that lie dormant within all of us – rebirthing the new us. We celebrate the Earth’s Shift and the return of ancient shamanic wisdom as it’s call to us to awaken this innate knowledge just awaiting to be reactivated. Simply put, it is integrating the old with the new, meshing the light with the shadow. New and lush ways of living  which pulsate with 5th dimensional essence. ”  as channeled by Zaitoon Bivee

WE CAN CO-CREATE this new 5th dimensional Earth by shining our inner light and demonstrating Love, Peace and Oneness (Unity) on a consistent basis. Unconditional Love and being centred into the heart are the key to this new Earth and the key to your inner divinity.

Co-Creation…sacred partnerships…This word sounds like music to my hears and I have a dream that this NEW EARTH reflects the inherent perfection, love and oneness that lies at source of all that is.  Imagine for one second, what our human existence would be like if we, as individuals, and in our relationships with each other, embodied higher enlightened values such as Peace, Love, Care and Oneness for all?  It would be nothing short of Heaven on earth.  So Peace, Love and Oneness is all about birthing a new you and bringing greater divinity into your life, accessing your higher intelligence, sharing and radically opening your heart to the Christ Consciousness (unconditional love). I have this dream to create a Peace Love Oneness Festival here in Singapore and all around the world, in order for all to celebrate these divine qualities.

For now, our Peace, Love and Oneness (P.L.O.) platform provides  people  with precious information, powerful integration codes and activations related to the New Earth & Ascension & Mastery Path.  The material come from the joint work of several authors and contributors.  This is work centered on Oneness and sharing.

So it is with infectious joy and love that we share these gifts of unconditional love with you.  They will help you to reach global integration (mental, spiritual and physical) and to adjust to the higher & faster pulsating energies of the 5th Dimension by reigniting the divine self in you.

The free material you will find on this website is very eclectic and includes very down to Earth knowledge, ranging from food recipes, channeled messages, activation for self-love or abundance to mantras and music or book recommendations.  You do not need to be spiritual nor religious to enjoy this information and these codes, you just need to resonate within your heart with these 3 words:  PEACE, LOVE & ONENESS.  Nourish your desire to empower yourself and to expand your frequency into greater states of possibility.

If this resonates with you, join us and share your work, spread the word & the light and be ready to fly high and to rise like a phoenix!

In love, truth and light, Namaste

Leantara Shah

Founder of Peace, Love and Oneness


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